Testimoni : IS CONFERENCE 2012

Voila?? Who’s the he** this guy?!

Yep, that‚s what I’ve heard about Voila before we dealing with them for IS Conference 2012. Back to last two months, when we want to engage with one of the agency that we have from Procurement Dept. in order to manage our Conference somewhere in Indonesia. Voila’s name was not that very nice at that time, we have like 4 agencies from Procurements as recommendation, however the 3 other agencies does not have a beauty and good concepts.

Most of the committees are saying that only Voila who has nice and brilliant concept. Yep! Hollywood Style (Glam and glitter). I was thought to myself, “Dem! Never across in my mind to bring this concept for IS Conference 2012, since most of IS peoples are very conventional, silent and would not excited to join the thematic event”. But the fact was almost all participants are happy and enjoying the gala-dinner night. That was A-We-So-Me!

Apart from that, the hotel and food places that Voila recommend to us was very very lovely! Taman Beghawan, was a place for our dinner on the second day which has stunning and amazing view. The food was not very good but I do not care since I was sitting alone enjoying my beers.. “cheers!, Sante!.. tos!

To me Voila has showing great teamwork, cooperative and always deliver what we (IS) wants. What they did to us was not only as agency role, but also with a friendship, care and joy which was become parts of their way to deliver the successful, enjoyable and remarkable event.

Thank you so much for your great contribution!

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