Is a manager the same like a leader?

Do you know what is the difference between being a manager and being a leader in a company? Too often these words are used interchangeably. Some of tasks or maybe behavior can distinguish from each other, these two positions. But are you able to indicate to us what exactly? And in this moment this question seems to be not so easy as on the beginning.

We have seen very often some leaders in global companies who are more like a managers and people on management’s positions who are as a leaders for sure. Firstly we should define the meanings of those two words very simply. A leader will be person who leads. A definition of manager is somebody who control and administrate whole or some part of company.

Following definitions by dictionary there is drastically difference between these positions. But in real work life not necessarily. Very often the manager’s responsibilities blend with leader’s job. That is why we would like to present you our observations and tips how to recognize who you are: manager or leader.

Are you open for new ideas?

If in some situations you can easily think or even say “That is the way it has always been done” – it is no leadership at all. This kind of thinking shows we would like to control like a manager not create new solutions like a leader. If you let your employees take over the initiative to make company better a real leader should say “of course!”.

What do you think about a competition?

If in your point of view a competition can cause a company stronger, you are a typical leader. Every leader is focused what his competitors do and what right and negative they done. It can be a good lesson for leaders which can help with building their companies. Managers hate competitors. They don’t might to control them and predict what another company want to do.

Do you pay attention to employee’s opinion?

The answer is short : yes – you are a leader, no – you are a manager. Why? As we have already written, managers follow by plan and schedule. They are pretty sure that they have right in every case their activities. But a leaders are different – many often they use technology to find out others opinions, ideas, tips. They take care about a feedback to check a feelings every team member to be better and better in job.

How do you make a decision?

Generally, managers like to make every decision based on analysis and own assumptions. Then they believe that their point of view should be correct. But leaders collect answers from others and they always take it into account every assessment. They love collaboration and partnership!

As you can see the difference between those kind of professions is huge. Managers are more strict thinking persons than leaders for sure. So now you can tell clear what kind of type you are – manager or leader?

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