How to be motivated?

Everyone from us sometimes loose a motivation. When we start work we are full of power, ideas and curiosity for learning and working. Very often we can stay longer in the office without any complaints and feeling of inconvenience. We would like to show our commitment and desire to contribute to the development of our company. But why it decreases frequently over time? Mostly it depends on the motivation!

You should know that motivation takes two forms: external and internal. What is the difference between these kinds? The first type is all a factors what are around you like need to earn more money or a wish to win some prestigious award. The second – there is nothing like thoughts, emotions and feelings which come from within.

The most important thing is to be aware what is the reason that your motivation disappear! We can mark three situations when people become less motivated:

  1. When they lack focus and can’t master what they want to do
  2. When they lose a previous direction and they don’t know where they are going
  3. When they lose self-confidence and don’t believe that they are able to achieve success

If you know these causes it will be easier to overcome those barriers and come in right way! The third step is to show you a few tips which help you in this fight:

1.    Find a support in community

Being together is always better than alone! Especially when you want to achieve success you should find others who can support your efforts. These persons should characterized by positive thinking, be like-minded like you and similar goals. In this community you could share ideas or learn from one another. And never hide your success! Celebrate it! Ask yourself “why” – of course if you start you should define your goals but vauriosly important is also why do you want to achieve this. That rewards will come from achieving your goals.

2.     Don’t be in hurry

Your success will come step by step by following these rules. Every small success will bring you closer to achieve the main goal. And then will be time to thinking what you should do next. Always in this order!

3.    Don’t focus on failures

if you made a mistake I should never think about why? What did I do wrong? Just repair it and learn from this mistakes. Build new perspective! Then you will be smarter how to predict and avoid those situations in future.

4.    Be cautious

when you set some deadline remember that every activity needs specified time to accomplish. Never plan your deadline too fast! You can feel guilty and embarrassed and it lead of to decreasing your motivation!

Please remember that your motivation is the main power to complete our goals. Without motivation you will never achieve your career or financial success! But motivation accompany you not only in work life. Also in personal site of your life without motivation you will not be able to action! Start from today and step by step enjoy personal improvement!

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