10 Tips to increase productivity

The productivity is now one of the most important things in our work. Managers and executives these days are totally focused on it. Why? An answer for this question is known for everyone. Some of us are naturally more productive than others. But the vast majority of employees still try to be the most productive person in the office but sometimes without visible results.

This ability can bring us rapid promotion, higher salary or monthly bonus and even easy way to the dream job. That’s why it is a hight time to engage in improve your productivity! It is doesn’t matter what kind of profession you are – just follow these advices and be consistent to gain the target.

  1. Go sleep early & wake up early – if you will be rested your brain will work faster and more efficient. If you are half-awake at work your quality of work will suffer.
  2. Go to work earlier – yes, you can do this! If you start your work earlier in empty office nobody will disturb you. No bothering questions to you and small talks can help you focus only on your work.
  3. Create to-do list – it is the best way to remember all of your tasks. Putting a timer on these tasks is worth considering so that you do not lose other items on your to-do list. Another satisfying aspects of creating a to-do list is crossing off all things when they are finally done. It definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment and also gives you a visualization of progress in your work.
  4. Create a realistic goals – goals should be personal and professional and always set a deadlines! If you reach them you will be full of energy to the next!
  5. Make a priorities – you should make you sure that you focus on the important things for your company in that time. If your work is essential you as an employee are more important in your boss eyes.
  6. Take breaks – if you sit at your desk all day your brain will be less energized. Your brain needs a break every two hours! Just take a walk and clear your head.
  7. Don’t get multitask – multitasking can waste 40 percent of your workday! Just focus on one thing and it will be done perfectly. Then move on to the next.
  8. Get some snack – deliver some fuel to your brain! Snack should be high in protein and high in fiber. Remember about variety – don’t limit your snacks to just one food group.
  9. Preparation the next day – in every evening prepare your lunch and wardrobe for next day. Mornings generally can be chaotic so is better to have less to do!
  10. Ask yourself that everything what are you doing is productive – you can catch yourself when you spending a lot of time to surf on Internet and using social media for vainly! If you done something in efficient way you can reward yourself by talking with a friend and drinking coffee.


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